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      Shanghai Weiyue Industrial Co, Ltd. is a special enterprise for pressure gauges researching, developing and manufacturing. Our company has begun to take shape since eight years construction under the leadership of Wang Xinbiao, the chairman of the board and concurrently general manager. Our products are general pressure gauges, oxygen pressure gauges, acetylene pressure gauges, ... <more>

      Hai-wei Yue Industrial Co., Ltd. on the right to employ national "instrument king" reputation, said the experts, the chairman's father as a chief engineer, in his fifty years of work career, specializing in pressure gauges product design, process design, tooling design, Instrument plane design, has successfully developed thousands of varieties of specifications. Many of them fill the gaps in the iron and steel, power plants, coal, defense, health, food, post and telecommunications has played a pivotal role, and there are a number of new products was developed by Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical a Bureau, liquid and gas company's recognition and Science and Technology Achievement Award, so I can fully meet the user's quality requirements.

      上海維躍實業有限公司和上海維耀減壓器有限公司生產部原址交通路2687號與銷售部原址中山北路2020號已于2008年10月18日搬入公司投資800萬元建設的新廠房內,在此感謝老客戶對我公司長期的幫助和支持,同時也歡迎新客戶對我公司的關注。新地址是上海市嘉定區外岡鎮恒飛路88號,郵編201806 銷售部電話021-59588258 021-59588098 傳真021-59588258*605 采購部電話 021-59583977
    On the Hai-wei Yue Industrial Co., Ltd., and on the sea, thus Yao Regulator Co., 2687 Production Road, the site traffic and sales site, No. 2020 Zhongshan North Road, was October 18, 2008 moved the company invested 8 million yuan in the construction of new plants , would like to thank customers for my company long-term assistance and support, but also welcome new customers to my company's attention. The new address is outside the Gang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, Hang-Fei Road, No. 88, Post Code 201806 Sale Tel 021-59588258 021-59588098 Fax 021-59588258 * 605 Purchasing Department Tel 021-59583977
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    電話:021-59588258 021-59588098 


    Address: Town, Jiading District, Shanghai Heng Fei Lu Waigang 88
    Zip Code: 201806
    Tel :021-59588258 021-59588098
    Fax :021-59588098 * 605
    Tax ID: 310107632041900
    Bank: Shanghai Branch, Bank of Yichuan
    Account :316599-00006805487

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