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    發布時間:2010-3-20    上海維躍實業有限公司


    我們樂于招聘勇于創新、具有團隊精神和向往成功的有思想的人。如果你認為你正具備了這樣的思想和精神,請把你的個人簡歷發給我們,告訴我們你的想法。 weiyue@weiyue.com


    男女不限,中專以上學歷,銷售相關專業。年齡25歲以上,已婚育,普通話標準,有責任心,熟悉電話銷售工作及銷售流程,品質端正,身體健康,工作認真,服從領導安排,有1年以上銷售工作經驗者優先。 崗位描述:通過電話、網絡銷售產品并做報價、合同。 待遇:待遇面議


    男性。中專以上學歷,銷售相關專業,有兩年以上銷售工作經驗。熟悉銷售工作及銷售流程,能長期出差,普通話標準,有責任心,品質端正,身體健康,工作認真,服從領導安排。銷售業務能力較強者學歷放寬。 崗位描述:尋找聯系客戶、拜訪客戶、做產品銷售。 待遇:待遇面議。

    聯系人: 王先生

    Hop in Victoria, we strive to create a kind of built on the core values of the working environment. Us to strengthen training and career planning, our staff have adequate opportunity to personalized and professional direction.

    We are happy to recruit innovative, with team spirit and yearning for the success of thoughtful people. If you think you are have this kind of thinking and spirit, please send your resume to us and tell us what you think. weiyue@weiyue.com

    1, sales back office: 6

    Limited to men and women, secondary education, sales related professionals. Aged 25 years or older, have marriage and child rearing, Putonghua standard, there is a sense of responsibility, are familiar with telephone sales and sales processes, quality and correct, physical health, work seriously and obey the leadership of the arrangements, there are more than 1 year sales experience is preferred. Position Description: By telephone, Internet selling products and do offer, contract. Treatment: Treatment Negotiable

    Second, sales of the Field: 5

    man. Secondary education, marketing-related professional, more than two years sales experience. Familiar with the sales and marketing processes, long-term business trips, English standards, accountability, quality and correct, physical health, work seriously and obey the leadership of the arrangements. Sales and greater ability to relax those qualifications. Position Description: Looking for contact customers, visiting customers, making sales. Treatment: Treatment Negotiable.

    E-mail Address: weiyue@weiyue.com
    Contact: Mr. Wang
    Tel :021-59583977
    Address: Town, Jiading District, Shanghai Heng Fei Lu Waigang 88

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